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My father, now 90 years old, moved to The Towers after my mother passed away. He relocated to Connecticut after living in Florida, to be nearby my family. Most importantly, he feels connected in a way that most of the other assisted living options did not offer. The Towers is a vital community for older adults that fosters social engagement and healthy living through the numerous opportunities provided. I have been so grateful and impressed with the thoughtful and responsible care of residents during the COVID-19 pandemic that has prioritized the health of all residents. I wholeheartedly recommend The Towers as a place to call home.

Holly Starkman

Aging in Community

Throughout our 50 years in the senior housing space, we’ve always been at the forefront as innovators. We remain rooted in our traditions and Jewish values while embracing an enterprising spirit. As a ‘center of excellence’ and as an essential community partner, our doors are open. We foster respect for all and lead every day with competence, compassion and commitment. We believe that “Aging in Community” is the way for seniors to continue growing and living their best lives.

Our Mission

We are a vibrant senior living community that strives to promote personal growth and wellness by connecting residents to opportunity both within and beyond our walls.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are an inclusive community, fostering respect for all.
  • We are committed to compassionately putting the person before the task and to connecting genuinely with one another.
  • We explore and embrace the most innovative ways to help people continue growing, learning and celebrating life.
  • We lead with quite competence, serving one another with care, strength and humility.

Our Vision

We will be a center of excellence in senior living, always innovating ways for people to continue growing and connecting within and beyond our walls and fostering a supportive community infused with Jewish values.

Our Jewish Values

Honor thy Father and thy Mother
(Kabed Et Avicha V’Imecha)
Honor your father and mother, so you will lengthen your days and so that it will be good for you.

(Avadim Hayinu B’Mitzrayim)
We welcome all into our communities and embrace them.

Bringing full attention to our thoughts, actions, and words helps us live deeply.

Commitment to Community
As human beings, we fulfill ourselves most of all, in communities that manifest justice, holiness, and peace.

Human Dignity
(K’vod Hab’riyot)
We see the spark of the divine in each other.

From Generation to Generation
(L’Dor va Dor)
Valuing, respecting, and connecting to each generation. Young to old, old to young, past, present and future.

Improving the World
(Tikkun Olam)
Each good thing we do helps heal the world.

To life!