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Life & Legacy

Create A Jewish Legacy

Our community lives each day informed by The Towers’ Jewish principles of inclusion, intention, commitment to community, human dignity, passing down values from generation to generation, improving the world, and joy. Through meticulously designed, evidence-based programs, we empower both our elderly residents and the broader community to lead a measurably better life & legacy. Sharing our expertise and programs, regardless of a recipient’s ability to pay, reflects our unwavering dedication to social justice that lies at the heart of our mission.

Our legacy donors embody the spirit of caring community members who recognize the importance of ensuring the finest care for our elderly population today and for generations yet to come. They understand the interconnectedness of senior care with the well-being of families and the entire community. By leaving a legacy, your cherished values can transcend your lifetime, creating an enduring impact and creating connections with like-minded individuals. You become a vital thread woven into something larger—a legacy of support, unity, and community welfare.

A legacy gift is a deliberate act today that secures a brighter tomorrow. By leaving a bequest, you pave the way for The Towers to continue thriving and flourishing for years to come.

Establishing a legacy ensures:

  •  The continuation of life changing programs for future generations (e.g. Meal Sustainability, Evidence-Based Programs, Jewish Life, Volunteerism, etc.)
  • The ongoing ability of The Towers to lead with innovation and progress
  • The preservation and enhancement of a pivotal community asset that benefits all
  • The opportunity for Jewish elders to uphold their beliefs and traditions

There are many ways to leave a legacy, including:

  • A gift made through a Will or Trust
  • A gift of Life Insurance as a named beneficiary
  • A 401K or IRA Retirement Plan Designation

To learn more, please contact Jennifer Bayer, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at 203-772-1816 , ext. 290 or jennifer@towerlane.org