18 Tower Lane • New Haven, Connecticut

Inclusivity at The Towers

Our Inclusive Community

At The Towers, inclusivity and equity are not just principles but the foundation of our community. Since the opening of Tower One in 1971 and the subsequent extension, Tower East, in 1983, we have proudly welcomed thousands of seniors from diverse backgrounds and experiences. For over five decades, we’ve successfully served a community that embraces economic, racial, and diversity of all kinds.

Advocacy in Action

Addressing the needs of marginalized communities in consistent and systematic ways is fundamental to who we are. The Towers has been, and will continue to be, a community that actively works towards social justice for all our neighbors.

Our President/CEO, Gustave Keach-Longo, is a founding member of the CT LGBT Aging Advocacy, supporting organizations in providing long-term care and community support services to Connecticut’s seniors while fostering an open and affirming environment for the CT LGBT community.

JEDI Affiliation

As an affiliate of the Jewish Federation of North America’s JEDI (Jewish Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) program, The Towers is actively engaged in ongoing dialogue, training, and exploration across various dimensions, including race & ethnicity, LGBTQ+, religious affiliation, disabilities, gender, multi-faith, non-English native, age, economic & financial vulnerability, and mental & physical health.

Partnership with Casa Otonal

Building on the success of Tower One and Tower East, two of our own founders worked alongside members of New Haven’s Latino community to create, build, and run Casa Otonal on New Haven’s Sylvan Avenue. This collaboration continues today, reflecting our commitment to affordable housing and senior support services.

Comprehensive Resident Support

Our commitment to diversity extends to the services we provide. Our Resident Services Coordination Team is bilingual, offering cross-cultural expertise to assist you and your family. Additionally, on-site chaplaincy services are available to residents of all faith backgrounds.

We believe that an inclusive community is a thriving community. Our dedication to diversity and social justice defines our legacy and guides us toward a future of continued compassion and understanding.