18 Tower Lane • New Haven, Connecticut

Jacqueline Koral

The Towers at Tower Lane gives our deepest gratitude to Jackie Koral for her leadership and service as our Board Chair from 2017-2020. Her work over the years has helped shape The Towers Foundation fundraising efforts and forged many long lasting relationships for the organization. Jackie has impacted every part of The Towers in a positive and transformative way. Through Jackie’s leadership, The Towers conducted a search for a new President/CEO. As the new Board Chair, Jackie led the transition to new leadership while accomplishing much more. She ensured that our organization continued to go from strength to strength, that our organization will always go from strength to strength.

Under Jackie, our Governance Task Force updated our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for both The Towers and The Towers Foundation; no small task. Our organization has been expressed more clearly and beautifully across the community thanks to the re-branding of The Towers from Tower One/Tower East to the Towers at Tower Lane. During Jackie’s time as Board Chair, we have launched many evidence based programs to enhance the lives of our residents. The work that Jackie has done will shape The Towers for the next generation as well. Jackie successfully oversaw the Strategic Planning process and the publication of our new strategic plan. This will help shape and guide our success for the next 10 years.


“You have to give something back to this happy place,” Jackie’s mother-in-law told her when she was a resident at the Towers. Thus started Jackie’s journey on the Towers’ Board.


In her life outside of the Towers, Jackie celebrated her 24th year at University of New Haven, serving first as Director of Development and finally as Associate Vice President of Philanthropy. Prior to her positions at UNH, she was the Vice President of Development, Public Affairs and Marketing at the former Park City Hospital in Bridgeport; and as an Associate in Research in the Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. Her first job was teaching psychology at Sacred Heart University.


Jackie serves on several boards. Among them are the Long Wharf Theatre’s Board, Board Member of the Orange Scholarship Foundation; LEAP Fundraising Committee Member, Past President and current Board Member of the Orange Players Community Theater; and Board Member of the Orange Arts Council. She also performs in community theatre and in cabarets in the Greater New Haven area.


Past philanthropic affiliations include two-time Co-Chair of the UNH United Way Campaign, Volunteer Chair of Public Relations for the Connecticut Cancer Society, Chair and Editor of the New Haven Symphony Supplement, editor of the Volunteer Handbook for the first International Festival of Arts and Ideas, and trustee of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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