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volunteer work at retirement homes

The Towers’ partnership with Quinnipiac University is rich in substance and impact.

Since the summer of 2018, both the Department of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Department of Social Work have had a presence at The Towers’ which has helped develop both Masters’ level social workers and occupational therapists. As a matter of fact, our resident HealthPro OT, Darcy Rzepka, is a graduate of the QU Occupational Therapy program!

According to Nicole Fidanza, OTED, OTR/L and Clinical Assistant Professor at QU’s Department of Occupational Therapy, “The QU OT and Towers’ partnership is reciprocal in that it allows the students to develop the clinical skills needed to enter the field while simultaneously benefitting the residents at the facility through individual and group programs focused on social participation, cognitive health and well-being.”

Both social work and OT students become integral parts of our programming during their internships here at The Towers. Some of their more impactful activities have included helping to coordinate our “Opening Minds through Art” and horticulture programs, Capstone research studies creating frailty intake assessments and recommending evidence-based programs that would benefit our residents, running groups and providing support to our Resident Services Coordinators.

“The partnership with QU provides us with a clinical viewpoint in which to view our programs,” said Dawn Owens, Director of Support Services. “Knowing we’re providing evidenced-based, as well as thoughtful and interesting programming to our residents is a true goal of the Support Services department; working with QU helps us reach that goal.”